Welcome to one way I share my photography hobby. With a nod to Margaret Wolfe Hungerford who said, Beauty is in the Eye of The Beholder, my goal is to take pictures that have feeling. My hope is that the viewer will perhaps connect with a photo or two on some level. Click on the image to view it in a larger size on a separate page.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An Up North Photo Shoot

Hey guys,

I took a road trip to Duluth last weekend with my photog-buddy Steve, and along the way I snapped a few photos. The majority of these were taken on Highway 23 on the way up. Oddly enough, though our destination was Duluth, no photos were taken there. Go figure.

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The Band Director

Nailed it...

I still don't know what the chain was for. Use your imagination I guess.

If you've read "Into The Wild" by Jon Krakauer, you know why I snapped this one.

Break down on the way to Misfit Island

Mr. Happy and the Weather Channel

The Honeymoon's Over

This used to be a bar (I guess) on Highway 23 that burned down. The building is cement and the burned wood strips just caught my eye.