Welcome to one way I share my photography hobby. With a nod to Margaret Wolfe Hungerford who said, Beauty is in the Eye of The Beholder, my goal is to take pictures that have feeling. My hope is that the viewer will perhaps connect with a photo or two on some level. Click on the image to view it in a larger size on a separate page.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Twin Cities Nights

As Summer makes an exit and Fall ushers in earlier sunset times, a man's fancy turns to.... night photography. Here are a few shots I've taken in St. Paul and Minneapolis over the past year. A couple of the St. Paul shots, starting with this first one, were taken last Winter. This first one was taken from Mounds Park on the night when the Holiday Train made it's yearly appearance.

These next few shots were taken this Fall during a period when Warner Road was closed due to the threat of flooding.

Nothing special about this shot, but I DID work here at the St. Paul Post Office for 11 years, so I thought it deserved a pic.

Sibley Street and Warner Road, facing the river. Cool yellow lights!

Rice Park looking towards the St. Paul Hotel in February 2009. 

Westward now to the cool city lights of Minneapolis

This shot was taken a few nights ago, standing under and between the spans of the new 35W bridge. The bright "legs" on the wall, extending down from the blue sculpture at the north end of the bridge are cast from the bright lights on the bridge.

Here, I'm still standing in the same place, under the bridge, only I turned about 180 degrees to shoot the bridge span as it crosses the river.

This shot is from the deck of the Stone Arch Bridge. Thanks for checking out my Blog!